Our Objective:

Our objective as Presenters, Teachers, and providers of Healthy Living programming is that Aboriginal Peoples are empowered to live healthy, vibrant and productive lives.  Our objective is to promote the improvement of the well being of the mind, body, spirit and emotions of Aboriginal children, adults, families and communities through Aboriginal culturally appropriate prevention and treatment services.

The Aboriginal Mental Health  gears toward advancement in healing structures which can be addressed through Learning, Motivating and Participating. 

We are a collaboration of professionals that are knowledgeable in Wholistic Wellness and Therapeutic approaches to life issues.

Note: If you are planning to attend any of our upcoming workshops anywhere in Canada; Please fill out the registration form on this web site clearly outlining your contact information and which workshop you will be attending. All your information will be sent privately to Andrew Bear and he will make sure you have a seat for the upcoming event you have indicated. Thank You.